Wanted: If you have a horse that carries our brand, as seen in this picture, and you are in a position that you need to re-home it, please contact us and we will help you out in any way that we can. We will take ANY horse that we raised, NO QUESTIONS ASKED and either give it a home, help you sell it, or help you to find it a new home. We pride ourselves in placing our "family" of horses in good homes like yours. We understand that the economy has taken many victims, and are doing what we can to make things better for our customers, and their beloved horses.

Maida Monopoly Money

  • APHA/PtHA Bay Tobiano Colt

  • Foaled: April 14, 2012
  • Sire: Mr. Monopoly
  • Dam: Sheza Vested Maiden QH
    Daughter of THE INVESTER QH
    out of Own Daughter of Zippo Pine Bar

Very nice colt with exceptional bloodlines up close! He's going to be a pleasure machine! We've done everything right by this colt. Dbl. registered and PAID into APHA Breeder's Trust, current Neg. Coggins, always vaccinated and dewormed, hooves trimmed regularly. This colt is SO quiet, he clips with the clippers without a halter, easy to catch from the pasture, great for the farrier, great stall manners, loads right into the trailer and hauls great. We took him to his first show this June (all by himself) and he stood tied at the trailer all day! No other yearlings at this Pinto Show, but he did earn 2 Color points! He showed like a pro, never whinnied, and he set right up and stood quietly in his classes. Money would make a great Youth horse, my 13 yr. old daughter handles him by herself all the time. Has a calm, willing attitude, eager to interact in anything you will give him to do. WANTS to be a show horse. Would make an exceptional gelding.

Price: $5500 - Negotiable to the right home


  • Woodcock Pocket
    • Foaled: March 26, 2011 - 11:55 pm
    • Black Tovero Colt
  • Charming Opal
    • Foaled: March 26, 2011 - 12:05 pm
    • Black Tovero Filly
  • Sire: Mr Monopoly by A Tru Rolex
  • Dam: Lil Miss Botique by Names Bocephus

These beautiful, healthy foals have been lots of fun! We knew we were getting twins when we did the first ultrasound at 19 days of Tiki's pregnancy. The vet tried to reduce the pregnancy during all four ultrasounds, as far as 72 days into the pregnancy, but these foals were determined to survive. Their dam foaled at Conley & Koontz Equine Hospital in Columbia City, IN., making sure that everything possible was done to help them & Tiki, if needed. After over 30 days in the hospital, Tiki went into labor during an emergency surgery that was going on late Saturday night. Although there was a full surgical staff, and a few vets present, Tiki was able to have the foals on her own, and both foals presented normally. We were told that their IGG levels (colostrum) were so high that they had to dilute it for the test! They were an instand hit within the community, and even had their first television appearance before they were a week old. Not only was there a story on the News about them, they appeared on Front Page of local newspapers. CBS even picked up their story and linked it on YouTube! They spent their first week at the hospital due to the extreme cold weather, but came home healthy and full of energy. Mom is taking good care of both foals, and has been able to produce enough milk for both. They started eating grain within the 2nd week. Both foals will be PAID into APHA Breeder's Trust. Watch for updates as they grown.

Price: Not Available for sale.

Parker Brothers

  • APHA/PtHA black tobiano gelding

  • Foaled: June 7, 2009
  • Sire: Mr. Monopoly
  • Dam: QTon Hocus Pocus

Parker is the last foal out of my favorite mare, so he has been spoiled since birth. It was my intention to keep him for myself, but he is a much taller horse than I prefer. He is 15.3++ hands tall, is double registered APHA/PtHA, and is PAID into the APHA Breeder's Trust. He has always been dewormed, current on vaccinations, and hooves trimmed regularly. He's always the first to be caught from the pasture, and in your pocket all the time. He is eager to please, and generally a real "people" horse. Excellent stall manners, easy to clip, bathe and loads great. Hauls well, great for the farrier and for his shots, and would make an excellent Hunt Seat prospect. Fluid mover and ready for you to finish your way. Has been worked through a trail pattern in-hand many times, goes over poles, crosses bridge and through water. If you're looking for a tall gelding with great color and a fantastic disposition, take a chance on Parker. Special consideration for a forever home.

Price: $5000 - Negotiable

Pixie Dust

  • APPR/PtHA black homozygous tobiano filly
  • Foaled: May 17, 2009
  • Sire: Mr. Monopoly
  • Dam: Eagle Mist

This filly's dam is a black and white homozygous tobiano mare, so we know without further testing that she is homozygous for tobiano. She has perfect conformation- her legs are straight as an arrow, and her neck comes out just high enough on her shoulders. Along with a pretty head, I think this filly couldn't be better. She has a blaze face, just like all of our other Monopoly foals - don't know where these are coming from, as my mares don't have much white on their faces, and neither does Monopoly. She is a fast learner, leads well, and has good stall manners. She is current on vaccines, deworming, and stands well for the farrier. She's learning to set up for halter, and is easy to catch from the pasture. Great stall manners. She will be started under saddle this summer, and will be shown at Pinto shows. She has a sweet personality, and is a fast learner. Should mature at 55.

Price: Private Treaty